The Corporate Research Consultancy (Cape) CC is a boutique qualitative research consultancy. We offer the full spectrum of in-person and digital research methodologies with hands-on involvement in all facets of every project.

Based close to Cape Town, South Africa we keep our fingers on the pulse of worldwide best practices through conferences and our extensive international network of qualitative researchers.


Corette Haf pioneered online qualitative research in South Africa and is one of the country’s leading experts in the field. She has been a speaker at local and international market research conferences on this topic.

Corette has been involved in marketing research for more than 30 years. She holds a BA (Honors) degree in Industrial Psychology and Psychology from the Rand Afrikaans University, now the University of Johannesburg.

Corette spent five years with Research Surveys (Now TNS-Research Surveys) and was the founder of their qualitative division. Corette spent several years in Namibia as managing director of Lintas:Namibia.

Since 1993 she has managed her own specialist qualitative research consultancy.

She is passionate about all aspects of qualitative research but has a special interest in digital and online qualitative methodology.

Corette is an active member of Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) and served on the board of directors from 2012 to 2016.

The Corporate Research Consultancy has access to a wide network of resources, in South Africa and internationally. We offer a highly experienced senior team with whom we have been collaborating for many years.

Clients benefit from the extensive experience of the principal and the team leaders’ personal attention and hands-on involvement with all facets of every project.

Think Global Qualitative

Local insights are required to power global growth and local perspective from country experts leads to valid global results. Corette Haf is the South African associate of Think Global Qualitative, a global alliance of experienced independent research consultants. Think Global Qualitative consists of senior expert researchers who know each other and have worked together for years.

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  • “The research team at Metropolitan Life, one of the big long-term insurance companies in South Africa, has used the services of The Corporate Research Consultancy for qualitative research since 1993. The fact that, after all these years, we are still using their services is a clear indication of how much we value the quality of their work.However, quality work is not the only reason why we use their services. We are impressed with their ability to get a good grasp on even the most complex research project. The result is that they have always been successful in finding optimal solutions to our research problems. And they have done that in the most cost-efficient way. Furthermore, they are committed to strict deadlines and have an excellent record of meeting them. And, lastly, we benefit from the fact that they always stay abreast of new techniques worldwide.”

    Dr Gerrit Müller Metropolitan Life / Research Specialist
  • I worked closely with Corette and Masithethe from 2000 through to 2004 when I moved from BP Africa to BP in the UK . Corette's ability to quickly grasp a marketing problem and translate it into the appropriate research methodology was key to providing BP with actionable insights that many times facilitated decision-making within the organisation. A professional, experienced and insightful researcher, I highly recommend Corette and Masithethe.

    Rene De Coning BP Africa (2000 - 2004) / Marketing Research Manager
  • "With the redesign of Sanlam's new website it was important for us to test the usability of the new site with our different target audiences beforehand. Although this was the very first time that Qualonline performed such research, Corette went out of her way to collaborate with other usability practitioners internationally to find the most effective method and tool for the job.  Although the tool, which was specially imported from the USA worked well, it was ultimately Corette's professionalism and extensive experience in the research field that ensured very insightful and useful results.  What's more is that we were able to start working with the results there and then. The usability testing definitely assisted Sanlam in ensuring the website objectives were achieved."

    Marié Arnoldi Sanlam Group Marketing / Head: Group Web Strategy and Governance
  • “Corette is a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable, a creative problem solver who goes above and beyond, and very easy to work with. In conducting research for us in South Africa, she arranged every detail for a complex project that went off without a hitch. She won over the end client with her can-do attitude and her ability to make things happen. Her work was "spot on" and the final report was comprehensive and well written. I would highly recommend Corette."

    Susan Baron ORC International / Senior Vice President
  • "I would really like to compliment you and your team on the fantastic qualitative research work done on our Namaqua brand last year and especially earlier this year.  Your strategic insights have assisted not only in getting us to understand the nature of the wine market consumer in an honest straightforward manner but also in helping the management team at Namaqua Wines SA change the dialogue and become more embracing of our future shopper. Words equate to facts however, the collages of the moods and frames of mind of our shoppers/consumers really went the distance to place every one of decision-making importance on the same page so that a robust strategy could be developed to nurture the future growth of our brand. The future for us is exciting, thank you for the delivery.  I look forward to future research projects with CRC."



For more than 25 years The Corporate Research Consultancy (Cape) has offered the full spectrum of qualitative research services.

We believe in the value of hybrid methodology to achieve richer learning and deeper insights. Most of our recent innovative study designs included a combination of online methods;  a combination of online and in-person methods or a combination of individual and group methods.

We have used the following methodologies in our research designs:

In person methods
  • Focus group discussions
  • In-depth interviews (face-to-face and telephone interviews)
  • Ethnographic interviews
Digital and online methods
  • Asynchronous Bulletin Board Focus Groups/ Discussion Boards/ Forums or In-depth interviews
  • Real time focus groups/ Chats
  • Immersive Research (“Online ethnography”) incorporating online journals and photo/ video diaries
  • Mobile research incorporating mobile journals and photo/ video diaries
  • Longitudinal online panels and private online communities
Social Media Research

Can vary from unobtrusive observation of participants’ social media activity to more in-depth analysis and analytics.

Usability testing

Also includes user experience research.

Testing how user-friendly a website, app or other device is in terms of:

  • How easy or difficult it is for potential users to navigate, perform certain tasks/ identify possible problems
  • Overall reaction to the offering and visual appeal
Small Scale Quantitative Research
  • Through collaboration we can conduct smaller scale quantitative research including:
    • Questionnaire design
    • Telephonic interviewing (very skilled business-to-business interviewers)
    • Coding, editing and capturing of questionnaire data
    • Cross-tabulations and basic statistical analysis
    • Report writing and presentations on quant findings


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